Morocco based UK Singer / Songwriter / DJ / Producer

With multiple top 10 hits in the charts she is known in the soulful house world. What’s Rebecca’s taste? A whole array! Disco Funk Soul jazz and sweet and edgy melodic sounds You name it. She loves uplifting or emotive melodies both uptempo & downtempo and slick funky rhythms. If the music creates an emotion, Im in the music” That’s Me! Rebecca likes music that takes you on a journey. She loves buildups, crescendos, breakdowns, space in the music to breathe but also peaks to totally lose it in Euphoria. “The music has to tell the story as well as the lyrics.”

Her latest production ‘ Everything you DO’ she used African beats and rhythms. She likes to explore other cultural sounds. Rebecca Scales collaborates with artists she feels spiritual connection with. She believes in following her feeling. She follows her third eye with the music connections and every interaction has been organic.

It was Angela Carruccio who introduced her to DJ SEEBEAT & the naturally hit it off with their passionate motivation in Music

So the next Record on the table to be written, recorded & released is with DJ SEEBEAT!

She has performed all over the world including UK, LA, NYC, Spain, Ibiza, Thailand, India, Bali, Italy…singing & DJ-ing for venues such as

Shepherds bush empire Ibiza Rocks Hotel, Luz Du Gas, Secret Garden Party, EGG, Ministry of Sound….the list goes on and will continue.

Her latest collaborations with Infinity Music Records have recently stirred up a lot of hype on the dance scene and she is intending to

Keep on a consistent stream of uplifting dance records across genres as well as write a downtempo chill out album.

Singing is her healing as well as her passion so when she is able to express her true emotion through music frequencies and lyricism, she finds herself in a happy state of flow and wants to share that healing with the world.

As a DJ she is animated like she is on the stage belting it out. She dances and sings on her set and creates a whirlwind of addictive energy that the crowd can’t get enough of and faces light up in the room.

She shares her spiritual vibes and creates a safe place of trust on the dance floor to let go!